Dietrich Schönfelder

Dietrich Schönfelder was born on December 17, 1944 in Dresden. Soon after his birth his parents decided to move to the western part of Germany, to Bonn – the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Already during his education he slowly developed his painting skills. His aim was to become either a professional painter or an architect. Burt his parents disagreed. So he applied at the German Foreign Office instead.  After he was accepted he studied for another 3 years at the Ministry’s Diplomatic School.

His first deployment followed soon after a final examination: Jeddah/Saudi  Arabia. Followed by the UN-Mission in New York. Here he attended the evening classes of the famous “Art Student’s League” in order to improve his style of painting.

The following postings were Manila (1993 – 1998), Myanmar, India, Kasachstan,  Albania, Turkey and Afghanistan. He retired – after 35 years abroad – at the age of 68.

Wherever he was stationed and had the time, the “diplomatic” artist followed his original dream: he painted.  Several small but successful exhibitions during his career encouraged him to continue with his artistic line even after retirement. His latest exhibition took place at the Ayala Museum’s “ART SPACE” – May 2018. He now resides in the Philippines.

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